Exquisite Hospitality Products found nowhere else, design and production of menu covers, signage, furnishings, and custom works of art, direct from manufacture.

custom restaurant menu covers sample cotton with carved wood chili solid core two view with top bottom tuck binding.Restaurant Menu Covers

Unique and in most cases one of a kind menu covers for mid to high end hospitality properties, advertising agencies, and marketing / sales professionals.

Sample Custom Menu Covers from 2011       

Carved Wood Sign Sample Large Hand Carved Sign Custom Signage
Stone Signs and Wood Signs

Machined and or hand carved signs. Eye catching entry signs, precisely milled room numbers, and complete signage packages for any property.

Room Numbers and Hanging Door Sign 

custom furntiure design wood chairsFurniture Design and Production

Have your furniture designs produced, have your concepts turned into a reality, or have our design team create specific furnishings for you.

custom wood table tops with silk screen under thick finish and rattan furnitureCAD design of wood furniture prior to production

Display Carts and other custom projectsCustom Art and Décor Accents

Cant find it?   Let us produce exactly what you want.
Don't know exactly what you need?  Let us make some suggestions
Members of our cooperate group have been active in the artist community of Bali for over 25 years and have extensive contacts. We have a skilled and artistic design department that can always depend on the greatest artists and craftsmen / women of Bali to help out on special projects. 
Hospitliaty table top itemsRooms and Property accesories

Why Choose Restaurant Menu Covers?

Not all menus are created alike nor should them be. We have high quality materials, caring assembly Members, Artists, Designers, and skilled Management that consistently produce exceptional innovative products.

We design, produce, pack, and ship from within our corporate group saving you money and time.

We produce most of our products in our factories in Asia and in many cases we use materials that we produce from scratch. Going to the source of raw materials and managing our own facilities allows us to offer truly unbeatable prices. No middle man and easily customizable products!

Our first hand experience in managing Restaurants, Bars, Spas and Resorts allows us to relate to our customers and their clientele in ways only possible when you have worked in hospitality industry.

We respect the time, effort, and money you have spent on the design of your property. In turn we will take care and be artistic when designing products that will accent your hard work and exceed your clienteles expectations.

We have been producing menu covers and other hospitality related items since 1998. Our staff is highly trained and years of hands on experience results in a quality dining room and hospitality accents.


Why don't you see our competition selling similar menu covers to ours?

It can take up to 20 hours of work to complete a single menu cover like ours.  Our materials and designs do not work with standard machines used thought the industry so our menus are almost 100% hand made.

We utilize very special materials in the production of our menu covers. Many of these materials are only available in Asia or we produce them from scratch. So simply put our competition does not have access to the materials required.

Its is just to costly and to complicated to produce menu covers like ours without a oversees production facility and a caring well trained team.

We are a worldwide supplier of restaurant menu covers supplying Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. If you happen to be a scientist in Antarctica and would like some free binders, clipboards or menu covers please contact us as we would love to be able to say that we have supplied items to all 7 continents.

Menu Covers  -  Table Tents  -  Coasters  -  Placemats  -  Signage

In addition to the items that are listed above we offer wholesale coffee tea, cacao, honey, vanilla, palm syrup, fruit vinegar, tropical fruit jam, and gourmet sauces. Additional hospitality items are available though our other companies 

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-  Le Betarocha 
-  Strategic Hospitality Inc
-  PT Pasti Enak 
-  PT Bali Global       
-  Nusantara Hawaii LLC
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